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‘Ashlea Faye Aesthetics’ are delighted to offer both Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal-Filler Treatments within the welcoming G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness premises in Didsbury.  Such treatments are performed by a highly reputable qualified nurse…

Anti–Wrinkle Treatments

Anti-ageing treatments are carried out using a variety of different brands of Botulinum Toxin which is a natural protein. Such products include Botox, Azzalure and Bocouture.

Our non–surgical treatments available will enhance natural beauty and will successfully help reduce signs of aging. Our treatments are commonly focused on forehead lines, frown lines (glabella) and crow’s feet.

The treatment works by blocking nerve signals by preventing the contraction of specific muscles to inhibit the process of wrinkles being produced. It is important to be aware that the effects of the anti-wrinkle treatment will not eliminate wrinkles all together. However, wrinkles which are present when a person’s face is relaxed may be reduced but may not be fully eliminated. The effects will last between 3-6 months before a further enhancement of treatment may be needed as desired.

Following the treatment, results should be noticed anywhere between the first 48 hours and one week post-treatment. The effects will be at their peak at the two week point. Some clients may require a top up at this point which can be arranged free of charge with the clinic.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are also available to provide an anti-aging form of treatment or to enhance your natural features.

The dermal fillers used are 100% natural and are made of hyaluronic acid – a natural product which is already present within the skin. The only product added to the filler is an anaesthetic which will allow the procedure to be more comfortable.

The dermal filler treatments available at the clinic are:

  • Lip enhancement;
  • Cheek fillers to replace any volume lost;
  • Lines to the lower part of the face such as nasolabial, smokers lines, marionette lines.

The dermal filler effects can last between nine and twelve months.

If you have any queries regarding the aesthetic treatments, please email afaesthetics@gmail.com

or alternatively contact AFA direct on 0783 751 3093.


If you would like to arrange an appointment, please contact the Manchester clinic on 0161 445 5133 or book online by clicking here